AOW was started in Thailand to make shopping easier, funner and faster. AOW in Thai means "want", and we hope to provide whatever you want whenever you want with the AOW shopping app. Get everything you want easier, faster than ever before!


AOW Work was developed to make it easier to post jobs in various industries while also providing flexibility in employment terms. AOW Work aims to make the hiring process cheaper and more efficient for everyone.


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FAQ - Popular Topics

  • What makes AOW unique?
  • Unlike other online shopping companies, we have a genuine concern for customer service to ensure that all customers are satisfied from the moment they open the application to timely (speedy) delivery to making complaints and everything inbetween.
  • How to access AOW?
  • AOW is currently available only on mobile -- IOS and Android
  • What are AOW's delivery times?
  • AOW currently delivers from 9 am to 8:00 pm
  • How long to deliver my products?
  • There are four shipping options:
    1.) Premium Delivery takes 15 - 50 minutes
    2.) Standard Express takes 60 - 180 minutes
    3.) Scheduled Delivery depends on time selected
    4.) Nationwide Delivery arrives the next day
  • What products does AOW sell?
  • AOW sells a wide range of categories, from food and drinks to household and beauty products. However, its main focus is on organic/clean food, drinks and snacks, where AOW offers the most selection of goods.
  • How much is Shipping?
  • Standard Express or Scheduled Delivery is free for all orders; however, Premium Delivery and Nationwide Delivery has fees, but they are free for orders above a certain basket size
  • Where does AOW Shopping deliver to?
  • AOW Shopping is currently available only in Thailand. It offers the fastest delivery option both in Bangkok and nationwide, providing more faster service to everyone in Thailand!
  • What is the refund policy?
  • We apologize, but, unfortunately, there is no refund policy for products once they are delivered and the driver has left, so please inspect products upon delivery. If there are any defects, please email support@aowarai.com and we will replace or refund your product


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